Our more

The environment, as part of the Hotel:


Flower garden, a half hectares, where you can picnic.


We're providing our customers a barbecue, a printer in beer, fridge and garden.


Our car park is secured and locked at night. Moreover, it is free.


Small services that matter:


We offerAlso the free shuttle to the Hotel Vauban in Avallon station and vice versa.


A bike rental is possible from the Hotel Vauban warning us in advance.


With a privileged location, quiet, ready downtown, the Hotel d'Avallon Vauban offers cyclists and motorcyclists a covered and closed their two-wheelers. We may use a repair kitand cleaning with a water inlet. You can also give us your clothes to dry.


As for hikers, no luggage to carry! They are transported directly to your next destination if you wish. And if you walk with a backpack in which you put your business for the day, a lunch can be prepared by us for lunch and can be adapted on request. Plans of various walksdeparture of Avalon are also available. Your comfort is our priority!